Class III / NFA


DADS SUPER PAWN EAST uses SILENCERSHOP for most of our customers suppressor needs !! Go to the SILENCERSHOP.COM website and click on Dads Super Pawn East as your POWERED Dealer and easily have your suppressor on the way !! At Silencer Shop we have worked hard to simplify the buying process and now we’re taking that to the next level.

Silencer Shop submits more form-4’s to the ATF than anybody else in the country. Due to submitting so many forms we are able tokee; our Form-4 Error rate to the absolute minimum by running automated validation followed be manual review by some of the countries NFA Experts.

We’re so confident the you’ll have a positive experience, that we guarantee every Dads Super Pawn East Order.

How Does Silencer Shop handle Form-4’s ??

Choose Dads Super Pawn East as your powered dealer,

  1. First you need to decide how you want to register the suppressor. (Trust, Corporation, or Individual) If you are not sure feel free to contact Silencer Shop, or Katy at Dads Super Pawn.
  2. Purchase the suppressor (online, call Silencer Shop(512-931-4556) or Katy(228-712-2353)
  3. Make sure to purchase an NFA Tax Stamp for Each Suppressor. You will then receive an email explaining how to upload, email, or fax additional information. Again If you have any questions call Katy@228-712-2343.