Jewelry Shopping at Dad’s!

At Dad’s Super Pawn East, our spacious facility offers 10,000 square feet of floor space.
This large capacity gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the best jewelry in the area and offer you an unmatched selection of quality brands and styles.
Dad’s Super Pawn East is where you will find an exquisite array of quality diamonds, brand name watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings.

These pieces are never limited to costume jewelry—we only offer the best. With a selection that changes daily, our inventory is always worth a look!


 Selling or Purchasing Jewelry at Dad’s

We offer solid appraisals on jewelry, allowing our clients to receive the most money for their items.

When you bring us something to sell, there is not a lot of paperwork or hassle. You receive your money in a matter of minutes, and we take on the responsibility of selling and marketing your unwanted jewelry items to others.

We are not a super small shop. We have a wide selection, which allows you to get the best item for your money…you will never have to wade through a large array of junk merchandise to find what you need.

We pride ourselves on being an upscale location that makes both buying and selling an easy endeavor.

Even though we offer a great selection, we remain small enough to maintain a keen focus on customer service.

You never know when you will find that special treasure you’ve been searching for!